Our Services includes:

Property due diligence

Options analysis, site selections and planning papers on development potentials.

Resource consent applications

Prepare and lodge resource consent for land use activities, subdivisions, discharges and to occupy the coastal marine area.
Prepare submissions to limited and publicly notified resource consents and present your case at council hearings.
Prepare objections and appeals to resource consent decisions.
Provide evidence at Council and Court Hearings.

Strategic planning 

Research and lead a team of experts to prepare a long term vision, engage with community and elected members to formulate the city, district or regions future and prepare visionary reports.
Present to community and elected members, partners and interested parties. 

Plan changes

Prepare and lead private and council initiated plan changes to operative district or city plans which includes project management, engagement and procurement of experts, summarising submissions and presenting at council hearing of submissions.
Prepare submissions to private and council initiated plan changes.
Lodge and/or case manage Environment Court appeals. 
Appear as an expert planning witness to Council and Court hearings. 


Prepare and serve notices of requirement for new, alteration of, extension to existing designations in the operative and forthcoming district plans, and prepare and lodge outline plan of works to confirm works under existing designations. 

Area based planning

Coordinate and project management area based planning with experts, stakeholders, community, iwi and interested parties in preparing a vision, options paper, business case and spatial plan document which includes an implementation strategy

Engagement with stakeholders, iwi and the public

Prepare engagement strategies, and undertake consultation in accordance with this strategy.
Summarise qualitative and quantitative data from the engagement process, and inform the project development phases.
Prepare engagement summary report and social impact assessment.
Prepare and undertake consultation during project initiation, options assessment, detailed design and prior to commencement of construction.

Other services include

  • quality and process audits
  • staff training programme
  • prepare report templates
  • spatial planning i.e. master, area, structure and concept plans
  • resource management construction monitoring
  • independent hearings commissioner and decision making
  • technical report peer reviews 
  • input into business cases
  • project management.