Projects we have helped deliver include the following:

multiple commercial, residential and rural property due diligence

infill and brownfield residential development (detached, terraces and apartments) and subdivisions of up to 200 allotments

commercial uses including restaurants, cafes, retail and offices

service facilities such as gas stations and convenience shops

education facilities i.e. school extensions and child care centres

community facilities such halls, churches, convention centres, gyms, sports courts and fields and playgrounds

health care facilities including hospitals, medical centre, veterinary, maternity / birthing units, accident and emergency services, rest homes and multi-purpose retirement villages

tourism facilities i.e. motels, bed and breakfast, hotels and caravan parks 

commercial business setup from homes and boarding houses

events i.e. music and cultural events catering to up to 20,000 patrons 

dairy and food processing facilities

integrated transport hub

mixed use developments involving commercial, residential and offices

commercial subdivisions by way of strata tenure

coastal marine area occupation and use

discharges to air, land and water

reclamation of land

landfill permits

rural integrated developments and subdivisions, with environmental benefits and transferable rights, of up to 100 allotments with roads and reserves

water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure

new, modification of and closure of roads

walkways and cycleways

utility and hazardous substances transmission corridors

industrial developments

spatial, master, structure and area planning

judicial review of resource consent process

independent decision making

private plan changes to enable residential and commercial development

placemaking projects for safety, beautification and economic regeneration

wharf, jetties and moorings