vUrbs can assist with:

  • plan development including strategic planning
  • preparing plan changes
  • preparing resource consent applications i.e. land use, subdivision, coastal occupation, and discharges to air, land and water
  • prepare notices of requirement and outline plans
  •  undertake community, iwi and stakeholder engagement

Established in 2019, vUrbs Planning Services Limited is led by Vishal Chandra and his experience in professional planning and engagement services across New Zealand. 

vUrbs Planning offers’ services in a number of areas like working with the government and private sector clients. Being a director and an expert, Vishal draws from roles within the government and private practice offering expertise and experience that appreciates client needs and understands council expectations.

At vUrbs Planning, the client’s challenges and successes motivate us, and taking clients through a seamless process and that experience is what drives the business. We draw our strength from values of integrity, respect and sharing of knowledge, and we see our role of being a technical expert and a risk manager in doing what is necessary to achieve balanced outcomes.

Commitment to service delivery is demonstrated by achieving performance criteria such as time and within budget delivery, fair and reasonable costs to applicants. To support this, we are ready for complex projects and also those which have gained public/media interests.